Oct 11, 2010

Obama is anti-business? Give me an effin break!

Obama tells us that the greedy Corporatists at the US Chamber of Commerce are 'possibly' being funded by foreign interests and all the business journals go batshit crazy. Personally, I feel there is more of a chance that the CoC is funding their ads with foreign money than there is me buying a pair of shoes this week or me waking up tomorrow morning with an aching back since I have three blown discs. From Bloomberg's Business Week:
The latest rhetoric may complicate an already tense relationship between the White House and the business community. The Bloomberg Global Poll last month found 77 percent of U.S.-based Bloomberg subscribers say Obama is too anti-business, and his favorability among the 1,408 investors worldwide is down to 49 percent from 73 percent in July 2009.
What a friggin load of horseshit. Obama has kissed the asses of the health insurance industry, auto industry (which I didn't mind btw), banks, hedge funds, Wall Streeters and a whole friggin list of businesses and corporations with various bills he has signed into law and fucking plenty of what his administration has said and done since he took office.

Are those assholes in the 'business community' just as fucking stupid as the teabaggers? Or are they just the usual greedy bastards who put profit over people..and over everything else?

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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