Jan 7, 2011

Oil Spill Commission drops the ball...again.

ProPublica has this to say on the cough...new report about who fucked up and why regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil hemorrhagic nightmare that is still ongoing in many respects. It seems the new commission is a lot like an old commission that reviewed the BP refinery blast that killed 15 of their employees in 2005 and which I blogged about here and here. From ProPublica:
It turns out the report—at least the language dedicated to the disaster’s most prominent miscreant, BP—echoes both public and private analysis done after a series of BP accidents, small and large, over the last decade. It also reaches strikingly similar overall conclusions. These likenesses indicate that BP’s most significant cultural deficiency is not necessarily its now well-documented lax oversight of safety, anemic risk planning and poor communication, but the corporation’s institutional inability to learn from its mistakes.
BP considers fines just a cost of doing business. They will never clean up their act ,unless and until, some of their head honcho's are charged with criminal counts... like for instance...murder or at the very least willful homicide.

Check out the ProPublica writeup. It's guaranteed to piss you the hell off if you are someone that cares about human life and the environment, or someone that despises greed.

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