Mar 25, 2011

From our Dept of WTF?

I expect a lot of batshit crazy out of the R's elected last year, but this fuckery really, seriously blows my little mind:

Maine Governor Paul LePage has ordered state workers to remove from the state labor department a 36-foot mural depicting the state’s labor history. Among other things the mural illustrates the 1937 shoe mill strike in Auburn and Lewiston. It also features the iconic “Rosie the Riveter,” who in real life worked at the Bath Iron Works. One panel shows my predecessor at the U.S. Department of Labor, Frances Perkins, who was buried in Newcastle, Maine. 
The LePage Administration is also renaming conference rooms that had carried the names of historic leaders of American labor, as well as former Secretary Perkins. 
The Governor’s spokesman explains that the mural and the conference-room names were “not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.”
Ok, its the department of labor jackass, not the department of corporations. Does this dipshit think he was elected by thousands of rich CEO's?

Methinks Governor Paul LePage has hit the motherlode of all rightwing nuttery. He also wants to be able to hold secret meetings with business leaders. He wants to hold these meetings so bad, he actually created an executive order establishing a business counsel who's gatherings would be behind locked doors and was exempt from Maine's public disclosure laws.

This is the candidate that told Obama to go to hell and the NAACP to kiss his ass.

Christ, what a douchenozzle. Workers mean little to this bag o' batshit evidently and I hope to hell the voters of Maine are already suffering from buyers remorse.

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