Apr 20, 2011

OK passes law to restrict Westboro protests.

Not a single elected member of the state voted against this bill. My son lives outside of McAlester, so this issue has been one that I have followed from the start. From RawStory:

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law Monday that restricts members of the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting at military funerals. 
The new law, introduced by Republican State Senator Josh Brecheen, prohibits protests two hours before or after a funeral. It also restricts protesters from being within 1,000 feet of a funeral, up from 500 feet under a previous law. 
"Protesting a funeral for political purposes is an abhorrent and disgusting practice," Fallin said. "While such distasteful protests have been ruled constitutionally protected and cannot be legally prohibited, this legislation will help protect grieving families from people who are looking to exploit their suffering." 
Not a single Oklahoma lawmaker from either house of the state legislature voted against the bill. 
In November 2010, angry residents slashed the tires on the church's van after they picketed the funeral of a McAlester, Oklahoma soldier. Police said the Westboro Baptists were unable to find anyone in town who would repair their vehicle.
So, fuck you very much Freddy Phelps and your sick friends and relatives too. Hopefully this will save city, county and state funds as law enforcement was forced to protect these sick fucks when they showed up every month in retaliation for the slashed tires during their first picketing session in McAlester.

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