Jun 22, 2011

Van Jones sends NewsCorp & Beck a cease and desist letter.

He also wants an on-air apology. With all the fuckery foisted upon us by Glenn Beck w/regard to Van Jones..all I can say is..what took you so long Mr. Jones? From HuffPo:
After challenging Glenn Beck to a debate over the weekend at Netroots Nation and in a MoveOn.org-sponsored ad Monday, Van Jones may have taken his beef with Beck a step further.

Jones, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who resigned from his job as White House “green jobs” czar following the conservative host's repeated claims that he was a subversive and a Communist, is considering legal action against Beck-employer Fox News.

Jones’ attorney sent a cease and desist letter Monday to Dianne Brandi, the network’s executive vice president for legal & business affairs, claiming that “a series of sensational and inflammatory charges” have been made against Jones on Fox News shows. The statements, his attorney Joseph Sandler argues, are “demonstrably, unequivocally and absolutely false.” 
Faux Noise's only comment was that they were reviewing the letter.  Van Jones' response, again from the HuffPo writeup:
"I thought that FOX TV or Beck's producers would take note of the facts and rein him in, without me having to take legal action. They didn't," he said. "Then [Rep.] Gabby Giffords was shot. I talked directly to Beck's producer for about an hour, setting the record straight. We had a friendly conversation. But rather than stopping his smear campaign, Beck chose to double down on the crazy. I was shocked. Then out of nowhere, he attacked the American Dream itself - and the growing movement of people who want to defend and rebuild it. That was the last straw. Even my patience has a limit."
Rip them apart if you are able to Mr. Jones. They deserve it and much, much more. With Glenn Becky's tenure at Fox coming to an end..I am sure that was part of the reason for the letter at this point, as Jones wants an on-air apology from the jerkwad prior to him leaving Faux Noise. 

Below is a recent MoveOn ad that features Van Jones talking about Beck's bullshittery. Accompanying article here.

It's all about painting the left, or anyone that isn't an extreme right wingnut, as liars, communists and jailbirds for Beck and the fuckwads at Fox. I wish more people would take them to task for their lying and obsfucation.

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