Feb 10, 2006

Bakersfield's Nick and Jessica..sort of.

Bryanna Jagels was a stunning-looking woman to me, prior to her downhill slide into drug addiction. She was busted twice in a six month period for trying to pass forged perscriptions for pain pills. Various kinds, I wont bore you with the details.

This was Eddie's response when reporters called and asked him about her current legal situation regarding her arrest and addiction to drugs, quoting from her from an online article from channel 17, KGET: “Ed hung up the phone and said I hope you're happy, you ruined my career” said Bryanna, “I said I'm sorry about you're career, but I'm killing myself, I'm dying.”

Bryanna also goes on to say this about our Eddie in the same article: “One of the first questions the police department asked me was are you and Ed still married?” said Bryanna, “And I said, why would you think that we were not? I wasn't aware that Ed had been speaking with them for some time, I wasn't aware of it.” Seems Eddie was tossing her under the bus from the get go don't it? Distancing himself from her and "her" problems..such a husband, what a guy.

Going back to the Rolling Stones article entitled "Mean Justice", there is a section on Bryanna and Eddie during her spiral into drug addiction: "A statuesque woman with a wicked sense of humor, she spent five years of her marriage addicted to the painkiller OxyContin, often popping as many as sixty a day. Last fall, when she was arrested for giving fraudulent information to a doctor to obtain a controlled substance, she confronted Jagels and accused him of tipping off the cops. "It's my job," he told her. "I can't play favorites."

But he could play favorites..with Stephen Tauzer..just not his wife. He served her with divorce papers a week after the shit hit the fan so to speak. Another excerpt from the Mean Justice article, quoting Bryanna about the divorce papers : "They were dated November 25th, a few days before he announced his support for her. He also threatened to use his power as DA to give the court additional information on her criminal activities unless she relinquished custody of their five-year-old son, Jeffrey. Doing so would have been illegal, a conflict of interest, but Bryanna believes that the threat alone was enough to lengthen her sentence. "I'm the best example of how cruel and mean the justice in this county really is," she says. "It's personal." She went from dining at exclusive social clubs and bouncing between her husband's four homes to sharing a bedroom with meth addicts in a cramped rehab center whose carpet smelled distinctly of cat urine.

Now..I dont know about you, dear reader, but I wouldn't wish that kinda shit on even MY ex-husband. I did blow the doorjam off right next to his ear once, but thats not relevent to this story. He had no clue his wife was gobbeling pain killers to the tune of 60 a day? Give me a friggin break.

Stephen Tauzer's horseshit was ok..but he couldnt find it in his heart to do what he could for the mother of his son...who still, for some unknown reason, still speaks highly of ol' Ed. He is a tad older than she is ya know..not that it matters.

Next we will chat up the infamous Child Molestation cases..and their subsequent overturning by various courts for some real nifty reasons. Oh, and the lawsuits from those wrongfully convicted folks that have cost and are still costing our county a shit-load of cash...Have a good weekend sportsfans.

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