Feb 7, 2006

New Orleans Mayor going after international money to rebuild city.

Seems he is tired of waiting for the Federal Government to make good on its September promise to rebuild the city. Ray Nagin is hosting various heads of state from Europe: Jordan's King and France's Minister of Transport have pledged to rebuild the area. New Orleans has a history w/France of course, so this shouldn't come as a surprize.

Could Ray-Ray just be trying to make the Shrub look bad? I don't blame him if he is. The Fed's have done little but give lip service to the area...and hire big out of state firms to clean up the area, thereby locking the local contractors out of work. Well, they can get work..as subcontractors for the big conglom's..making a pittance compared to the big companies.

In the Shrubs SOTU..didn't he devote..oh..roughly 10 seconds to talking about Katrina and its devastation? What a guy...

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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