Sep 28, 2007

Video of the shooting death of the journalist in Myanmar

There is video out of Myanmar which captures the shooting of the japanese journalist Kenji Nagai.

The brutality is evident in the video. The callous murder of the the Japanese journalist is mind numbing. They killed him because he was filming the protest..and nothing more. AP has a writeup here. The death toll is probably much higher than the government is letting on. Below is the YouTube version of the video. I just uploaded it to YouTube so when it becomes available it will show here on my site. Democracy Now! has a good interview up with an activist from Burma. Htun Aung Gway, President of the U.S.-based Civil Society for Burma. He is the former president of the All Burma Student Democratic Front that led the protests of 1974 and 1988. He was imprisoned for five years in Burma and came to the United States in 1992 after living in the jungle on the Burmese-Thai border for 4 years. He now lives in Chicago.

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