Jun 25, 2011

Koch Bros private affair in CO goes public.

I am so fucking sick of the Koch Brothers and their smarmy, corporate asses. They want to bring America, as we currently know it, down to their level..which means only classes..the upper class and the lower class. Those great folks over at CommonCause and ProgressNowColorado have made sure that the national media, like the LATimes as an example, knows about the Koch Bros rightwing nutter-fest this weekend in Vail. This is the second nutterfest the Koch's have held this year, the other was in Palm Springs. From the LAT writeup:
An invitation-only conference of wealthy conservative activists organized by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch will convene just outside Vail, Colo., this weekend.

Common Cause -- a group that describes itself as nonpartisan and headed by a former Democratic congressman -- and ProgressNow Colorado have organized a protest outside the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch, where they believe the conference will be held.
The groups have urged their followers to arrive with signs that read, "UnVail the Kochs," "Corporations are not people," and "Stop the War on the Middle Class."

This is the second Koch-organized conference this year.  The previous event, held in late January in Palm Springs, drew about 800 to 1,000 protesters who rallied against the Kochs' libertarian agenda. About 25 protesters were arrested for trespassing. 

The Kochs have been a target of liberal activists for their funding of research institutions and other groups that push a limited-government agenda. They control Koch Industries, an energy conglomerate that is the nation's second-largest privately held company.  They are credited with helping to organize the "tea party" and allied groups that spent millions to defeat Democrats in last year's midterm elections.
Now, why does the LAT have to verbally paint the folks at CommonCause and ProgressNowCO as liberal activists targeting those fuckwads? Its a bad phrase to some folks. They couldn't say groups dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals over those of the Corporations?

Senator Bernie Sanders and the BraveNewFoundation know what's what. Their website,
KochBrothersExposed, is a good place to send folks. Their video below is worth your time.

As they say on the website..we must create an Echo Chamber of Truth to combat the millions of bucks these corporate welfare whores spend to thwart the rights of individuals, via their lobbying efforts, swiftboat-type campaigns and these types of little get-togethers. Uncloak the Koch's...NOW, before the elections take place next year. That way Joe and Jill Mainstreet know the truth about these rightwing extremists who only hold allegiance to one thing..money. Mutha Fuckas need to be brought down to our level. They want a fight, then we have to give it to them...all of us, not just the liberal activists. The people in the video are elderly American's the most vulnerable among us to the fuckery being foisted upon us by the R's and their friends in The Corporatocracy. They are willing to fight for what is right..why aren't the rest of us??

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