Aug 22, 2005

Darwin vs. Intelligent Design

The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense. - Tom Clancy.

The religious right is still attempting to include their hypothesis "Intelligent Design" into all school curriculums..I strongly oppose this since the hypothesis has nothing based in proof, merely their "explanation".

Unlike creationists, design proponents accept many of the conclusions of modern science. They agree with cosmologists that the age of the universe is 13.6 billion years, not fewer than 10,000 years, as a literal reading of the Bible would suggest. They accept that mutation and natural selection, the central mechanisms of evolution, have acted on the natural world in small ways, for example, leading to the decay of eyes in certain salamanders that live underground.
Some intelligent design advocates even accept common descent, the notion that all species came from a common ancestor, a central tenet of evolution.
Although a vast majority of scientists accept evolution, the Discovery Institute, a research group in Seattle that has emerged as a clearinghouse for the intelligent design movement, says that 404 scientists, including 70 biologists, have signed a petition saying they are skeptical of Darwinism.Big friggin deal, people can be skeptical all they want. There is scientific basis for all of Darwin's theories, unlike the "Intelligent Design" bullshit.

A direct quote from the article:"Despite its use of scientific language and the fact that some design advocates are scientists, they say, the design approach has so far offered only philosophical objections to evolution, not any positive evidence for the intervention of a designer."

We need to keep this crap out of the school systems. Bushie however will work to include it before his tenure can bet the bank on that.

The link is in the title, its a good read if your so inclined, its about 4 pages long.

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