Aug 21, 2005

One of THEIR own uses the "V" word..

Today is Sunday, a high holy day for those that believe in such things..I like to watch Face the Nation or the ABC version, This Week..

Today, one of those guys..a Republican was on..Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel..he compared the Iraq war to.....drum roll please...THE VIETNAM WAR..he is a senior member of the Foreign Relations Committee and possible presidential candidate in 2008. Sounds like he's trying to distance himself from this debacle dont ya think???

A direct quote from the decorated Vietnam vet himself:"What I think the White House does not yet understand and some of my colleagues, is the dam has broken on this (Iraq) policy,We are locked into a bogged down problem not unsimilar or dissimilar to where we were in Vietnam. The longer we stay the more problems we are going to have,"" YA SURE BOUT THAT CHUCKY???

sorry for the caps but this is rich..very rich..and something I have said from day one..VIETNAM...those that do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them..i dont recall who said that, but its friggin true..

all it takes is one guy to stand up and open his and in living color..glad it happened..bout damn time..of course the W team leaped into action denouncing him and so did a few other Repub's..I don't care..its out there now..the V word..from someone who would know..

Get us the Fuck Out Now...

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