Aug 13, 2005

Fucktard of the Week candidates..

First I nominate that former lobbyist Jack Abramoff...he really impressed the bible thumping crowd by being indicted this week on fraud charges involving his purchase of a fleet of gambling boats from a businessman who was slain amid bitter wrangling over the sale of said fleet. Now they do not have any evidence he capped Fort Lauderdale businessman, Konstantinos Boulis but jeez, the irony is awful funny any case other than forging documents and checks to show he actually HAD some of his own money to buy the gambling boats, Jackass Abramoff is also a well known figure in the Tom Delay remember Tom, he has a shit load of ethics allegations against him..two republicans once again proving that you dont have to be honest and ethical to be pro jesus and pro right to life, you just pander to those that are..Tommy calls Jackass one of his "closest and dearest friends"..i bet he is...

The Florida indictment accuses Mr. Jackass and his partner in the boat deal Mr. Kidan of fraud in the creation of what prosecutors described as a counterfeit document reflecting a $23 million wire transfer, which purports to be to the now deceased Mr. Boulis.After receiving the wire transfer document, the indictment said, the lenders provided Jackass and Mr. Kidan with $60 million in loans toward the purchase. The sumbitch never put in a DIME of his own cash towards the purchase of the gambling boats..guess he saves that to buy off Tommy DeLay...ya think?

My second choice for FOTW is the Judge Marcus Gordon. He released that lovely individual Edgar Ray Killen who was recently convicted of the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers:James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. Edgar was the head of the local KKK and organized the group that killed the three men. It only took 41 years to bring this racist to trial and eventual conviction only to have the honorable judge gordon release him because he is a "sick" old man and not a flight risk..evidently Edgar bitched about the medical staff and treatment he received whilst in prison taking the stand and complaining of a lack of medical care since he entered the Central Mississippi prison in Pearl, though he acknowledged that he had been seen by doctors. I would like to quote him here:"They checked me through the line like a cattle auction," he said. "I'm very unhappy with the treatment I've received." Jesus Christ in a thong..what did the sumbitch expect? HE"S IN PRISON..where he belonged for the last 41 friggin years..

So sportsfans..those are my picks..anyone can nominate someone for FOTW..feel free to post someone else in a comment..or pick from my two choices..there are plenty more but its late and i gotta hit the sack..

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