Aug 16, 2005

Bush "downplays" the Iraqi's inability to approve a constitution

Like this is freaking news eh? On both counts..bush downplays everything unless its something the christian right wants AND that a country that hates their citizens based on race and/or religion can not agree on a constitution..

I love this quote from bushie today:"Their efforts are a tribute to democracy and an example that difficult problems can be solved peacefully through debate, negotiation, and compromise,". GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK the american public really buying this sound bite?

Conde tossed in her two cents as well:"We are witnessing democracy at work in Iraq," she told reporters. "They have achieved a lot and they have generated considerable momentum toward the completion of their constitution."

How long has this country been trying to, in the words of Rodney King, "get along"! If they fail, parliament will face a dissolution crisis and the prospect of new elections in an atmosphere poisoned by sectarian and ethnic strife....ya think? They have been fighting amongst themselves since the first iraqi took a gander at the next door neighbor so to speak..nothing has changed just because we threw our weight around and kicked Saddam out. Rumsfield cant change this, Bushie or Conde can't change one can change how these folks solve their can kill every single solitary one of the racist leaders in that hell hole of a country and you will always have another religious leader taking up the slack...

but they are on their say the talking heads out of D.C...right...and thats Brad Pitt laying next to me on the left...

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