Sep 19, 2005

Tyco Exec's finally receive their sentences..

I don't know if many people followed this trial which showcased corporate greed..but let us review...

The CEO and the CFO of Tyco Int'l..Dennis Kolowski and Mark Swartz stole from Tyco..steal doesn't really cover what they did. They raped this company of : $180 million bucks.. thats U.S. dollars..not of them owned a shower curtain valued at 6 fucking thousand dollars and Denny threw a 2 million dollar birthday party for his wife on the island of Sardinia..flew his buddys there..which i guess isnt a big deal unless its NOT YOUR money..they made hundreds of millions more through manipulations of Tyco's stock.Tyco makes electronics and medical supplies and owns the ADT home security business. Didn't they used to make toys too? oh well i digress..

Denny pleaded with the judge for leniency..he cried and carried on saying the judge should look at all the good he has done in his life..give me a FUCKING break..Kozlowski and Swartz will be sent to one of New York's state prisons because they were convicted in state court, meaning the former executives will do considerably harder time than they would have at a federal facility. LMAO..I don't think they will bunk together..but i bet they are wishing they could..

They both got 25 years and will be eligible for parol in 8 years..The judge also ordered the defendants to pay a total of $134 million in restitution to Tyco International Ltd. In addition, the judge fined Kozlowski $70 million, and Swartz $35 million. I don't think Koz's trophy wife will be going on any spending spree's real soon..

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