Sep 16, 2005

The Repub's are holding the expense of Katrina's victims

They will give Bushie every penny he asked for in his made up war on terror..but they dont feel so warm and fuzzy about giving him a blank check to fix the mississippi delta. Said an "unnamed" senior House Republican official who requested anonymity because of the potential consequences of publicly criticizing the administration(no..really?):"We are not sure he knows what he is getting into."

They are afraid that 'they' will pay the bill that Bush is charging up right now to cover his ass in this huge faux paux created by FEMA and the federal government's lack of response after K struck. I totally understand this logic. He is going to be out of office before the final bill is tabulated for rebuilding and repopulating the area. He promised a shit-load of things..some of which have nothing to actually DO with the devastation caused by Katrina. Yes, its an inherently poor population as a whole. It's a red state but a poor state..the Repubs are wondering if the return will match the emotion, just the bottom line.

Personally I want to see the math on stopping the war in Iraq now and moving that money to rebuilding the delta..but I doubt this will makes too much sense.

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