Oct 31, 2005

Cheney's role and his power.

I always thought Cheney was the brains behind much of the political strategy for the Bush Whitehouse. I also believe he was an integral part of the "war machine" and the selling of it to congress and the public. Cheney has years on Capitol Hill, Bush has bascially none. The indictment of his "main man" Scooter Libby has put a chink in Tricky Dick's armor. Repubs are starting to talk off the record, even more than before the indictment. The NY Times has a nice lil article on the rise and fall of Dick Halliburton Cheney throughout the investigation into Plamegate. About the power he welds within the oval office. How the conservatives were ACTUALLY considering him for the next Presidential candidate. There are a few juicy quotes on the record, most are off the record and unidentified. One of my favorite quotes in the article is regarding a statement attributed to Larry Wilkerson: "The indictment comes as other parts of the wall that was built around Mr. Cheney's defense of the war have come tumbling down. Earlier this month, Lawrence Wilkerson, the former chief of staff to Colin L. Powell while he was secretary of state, complained in a speech of a "cabal" between Mr. Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld when it came to Iraq and of a "real dysfunctionality" in the administration's foreign policy team. " If your inclined to read the article entitled: "In Indictment's Wake, a Focus on Cheney's Powerful Role", the link is here.

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