Oct 8, 2005

The White House tries to push through some oilman protectionism.

Before the folks on Capitol Hill take another week off, Tom DeLay and his cronies had to beg, back-slap and threaten fellow Repubs into passing an oil refinery bill that the White House was quite fond of. Sadly for the Bush cronies however, the part of the bill which removed the teeth of the EPA regarding pollution control upgrades was removed or the bill would have died a slow painful death. The final vote: 212-210..shit that's close..goes to show ya not all's rosey in Republican Land..13 count em 13 Repubs voted alongside the Democrats anyway to defeat the bill outright, regardless of the changes made at the last minute. The Repubs called what was supposed to be a 5 minute break, turning it into a 40 minute break to get the 2 final votes that put it over the top. A quote from minority leader Nancy Pelosi: "It took that long for the indicted leader of the House of Representatives to twist the arms necessary to get a vote against the American people, against the consumer, against the taxpayer and against the environment - in favor of the energy companies," Ain't that some shit..

I call it progress..the evil empire known as the Bush Administration damn near shit down both legs over this bill's inability to pass thru Congress. DeLay must of called in a helluva lot of favors..although its hard to believe anyone takes his calls these days..13 REPUBLICAN Senators said FUCK YOU DUDE..to the Prez..makes me smile dont cha know :)

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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