Nov 22, 2005

How long will Tommy Boy DeLay be smiling now?

It seems Tommy's former aide, Michael Scanlon has taken a plea and will sing like the proverbial bird for the feds. Mikey has admitted that he conspired with "others" to defraud four tribes that operated or wanted to operate casinos here in the good ol US of A. Mikey is now looking at a paltry five years in prison and also agreed to pay nearly $20 million large in restitution for his crimes. Mikey Scanlon admitted that he and an unnamed lobbyist conspired to charge the tribes a huge shameful amount of cash and split the profits. Now, when I say huge..I mean like roughly $80 MILLION in THREE years from said tribes. The "unnamed lobbyist" is none other than Jack "the ripper" Abramoff. You remember Jack..he is currently indicted in Jeb Bush's state of Florida for the purchase of a fleet of gambling boats. A purchase I might add that was done with smoke and mirrors..ol Jackie didnt shell out squat but said he did, even fabricated the documents that the Banks required showing his share of the down payment was made.But thats another story for another day..

So in closing I would just like to say this...Mikey better sing long and hard about DeLays involvement. The Dept Of Justice is spearheading this little get-together, specifically the Public Integrity office, a division that oversees the prosecution of elected and appointed public officials. Several elected officials..namely one Tom the bugman DeLay should be worried. He might be able to piss and moan about Ronnie Earle's political motivation for going after him. But..I SERIOUSLY doubt Tommy can say the same thing about the DoJ's investigation. Keep smiling Tommy..the boys in prison love guys like you. They could wipe that smile off your face in a NY minute.

That last thought is just a whimsy of mine..Tommy would go to a federal pen aka country club. IF...he does any time at all.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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