Dec 21, 2005

Coming soon: Abramoff becomes a big canary

According to NBC news Jack Abramoff is cutting a deal w/the federal prosecutors. He is scheduled to begin his trial in florida regarding the fraud he committed to purchase a fleet of gambling boats. His co-conspirator, Adam Kidan, has already cut a deal in that trial to toss Jackie A. under the bus.

Now Jackie is talking to the feds about who is dirty on Capitol Hill. Since his cronies are ALL Repubs, it stands to reason a whole lotta those good ol boys are shaking in their boots..specifically Delay. A piece from the MSNBC article: "The deal offered, say people close to the case: Abramoff would plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence — if he talks about his Washington connections, including former majority leader Tom Delay, R-Texas. "

Wonder if Tommy is smiling now. I know I am..

A link to the MSNBC article, although short is here.

The Washington Post has a more indepth article here. Slate's James Harding has a nice piece on Jackie here.

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