Dec 20, 2005

Artic Refuge and Oil..who is going to win this war?

The caribou that use the area known as "1002" are the most studied group of mammals in Alaska, and second in the world only to the wildebeest because they performs the world's most concentrated land animal migration AND because of longtime plans to drill for oil in their habitat.

Drilling in the Artic Refuge will save us ONE PENNY PER GALLON over 20 years..thats it sportsfans! Not one red cent more.

Our friends at Chevron were allowed to drill one exploratory well in this area back in 1980s, and the company has never released the results. Why havent they told us the results? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

Sometime this week the Senate will vote on the bill that Alaskan Senator Stevens tagged on a Iraq war appropriations bill. The sumbitch knows it was wrong to do that and admitted it but he is desperate. The Canadians are against it and a tribe known as the "Gwich'in" have depended on this herd of caribou for hundreds of years according to archeology studies in the area.

Contact your congress and senate reps NOW. Tell them to stop this madness and remove the attachment from the Iraq Appropriations Bill. Send Senator Stevens a message that his backroom politics are not acceptable all in the name of greed and oil. Write a letter to your local paper regarding this shit. I did and by god this republican stronghold rag known as the Bakersfield Californian is going to publish it in tomorrows editorial page. You can go here to do the same through MoveOn.Org for your local and regional newspapers.

A link to an article with a wealth of information regarding the caribou, the tribe and all the bullshit is here.

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