Dec 4, 2005

Cover your ass at all costs Ms. Blanco

As the Feds try to nail the various Louisiana agencies and their Democratic governor, Kathleen Blanco for all the horror stories and failures regarding the response to human suffering after Katrina hit, the Governor and her staff have released hundreds of thousands of state documents and recordings. These include emails, hand-written notes, correspondance with the White House and desperate pleas for help. Seems the leadership of LA. knew they were going to be sacrificed in the name of Bush and tried to stay ahead of the game. Of course it wasn't a game to the people trying to live thru the horror of Katrina but I think you get my drift. Two, count em, two Congressional committees are "looking" into the states preparedness and response to the worst natural disaster in our nation's history.

The NY Times article has insight into what was going on behind the scenes from the view of Ms.Blanco's staff and various Democratic leaders like ol' Henry Reid. Everyone was playing "cover your ass" and it makes you a little sick to realize that some of these folks were no better than the Repubs were, talking about information NOT getting out to the general public and how to screw over Georgie boy BEFORE he screwed them. For instance: Fidel Castro(yes that Fidel Castro) offered help and assistance shortly after all hell broke loose in Na'lins. For some reason Mr. Mann, the communications director, said and I quote;"We cannot let this get out," regarding Castro's offer of assistance. Why the fuck does it matter that Fidel offered help? I think its great that he offered our country, his chief nemisis, help. It shows a compassion that was lacking in our VERY OWN President. I am not a supporter or hater of Fidel but I think the man showed more interest in this disaster than Bush and his cronies.

The link to the NY Times article is here.

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