Dec 3, 2005

How in the blue hell can "they" get away with this shit?

The FBI..which I usually say stands for "Fucking Bunch of Idiots" planted a fake candidate..YES sportsfans..some jackass that got caught doing something illegal agreed to run for office. The sting was in West by god Virginia. Those poor folks were duped into believing that Thomas Esposito was a real candidate for the State Legislature. He raised money, ran ads, did all the normal politico things until a month before the election. Then said his mother in law was "sick" and dropped out. That in and of itself should of been a dead giveaway..the mother in law..but that just goes to show how lame they think..

They were attempting to entrap folks into election fraud specifically vote buying. It worked!! Of course it did..when you set people up to fail..there will always be those that do..its in the odds..

My problem is..not that it was sneaky and underhanded way to bust was the people that actually wanted to elect the guy..they believed in him for gods me its so fucked up to pull that on the citizens of West VA. Its total fucking bullshit to screw with peoples minds and beliefs all to entrap a couple of dumbass's for a white collar crime that will be plead down and if ANY jailtime is issued, it will be served in some federal country club pen. A total of 2,175 people voted for Esposito. Will they ever feel comfortable voting again? Do they feel duped and stupid for buying into this fake candidacy?

A link to an article on this horseshit is here.

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