Dec 16, 2005

Penn St's Womens Basketball coach accused of being homophobic

Espn has a great show called "Outside the Lines". This weeks episode will address Rene Portland's supposed homophobia. Jenn Harris has filed a complaint with the State's Human Rights Commision accusing Portland of discrimination and bias. This is not the first player that Portland has threatened. Jenn Harris states she is not gay but Portland perceived her as gay and began a campaign against her within the team.

There is a writeup on Espns website on this homophobic bullshit. The link to the article is here. The show will air Sunday morning (9:30 ET). They will interview another former player who was told by Rene Portland that if she was indeed "gay" that she would tell her parents,friends and the media. The player quit in fear of being outed to her family. Hopefully this bitch will be exposed for what she is and Jenn Harris will win. Harris has transferred to another school and will sit out this season since she is a transfer.

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