Mar 1, 2006

AP releases transcripts and video showing Bush was briefed on Katrina the day before she hit land.

Damn, I figured as much..I mean, could he NOT know? There are lots of folks attached to the WhiteHouse that knew what was going to happen and when.

The Associated Press has released transcripts and videos of the Shrub being briefed PRIOR to Katrina hitting land. He was told by a top hurricane expert that the levees wouldn't hold. A short piece of's take on this is below:

"At the August 28th briefing, the president was told exactly what to expect:
The chief scientist of the National Hurricane Center warned that a major levee breach was "obviously a very, very grave concern." Bush lied to the entire nation about this point just 5 days later.
Michael Brown told the president that if New Orleans flooded the Superdome emergency shelter would likely be under water and short on supplies, creating a "catastrophe within a catastrophe."
Experts and officials implored the President to prepare for, as the AP described it, "devastation of historic proportions."
President Bush didn't ask a single question during the briefing. In the next two days he campaigned, attended birthday parties and played guitar while the worst natural disaster in American history killed over 1,300 people and displaced hundreds of thousands."

Afterall, it was mostly poor, black or elderly people..not the Shrub's kinda folks by ANY stretch of the friggin imagination. The link to the AP article by MARGARET EBRAHIM and JOHN SOLOMON is here. It includes a link to the videotaped briefings as well which I started to watch and just couldn't..I can't sit and watch that jackass on this literally sickens me. The NY Times has the complete article without the video links here.

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