Mar 29, 2006

Bush wants Al-Jaafari to step down as Prime Minister of Iraq

Last time I checked..Al-Jaafari was elected to the office of Prime Minister of Iraq. True, he hasn't been able to hold a session with the "other" elected officials. But what in the blue hell gives the Shrub the right to tell him that he wants him to resign? I thought we were behind the duly elected officials in Iraq? I thought the Shrub has been singing the praises of Iraq's leadership? Haven't we had over 2300 soldiers die for the Iraqi's right to elect who they wanted?

Our ambassador to Iraq has "passed a note" ala highschool, to Al-Jaafari from the Shrub. The ambassador met with several of the Shiites leaders on Monday to pass on the Shrubs request. A quote from Al-Jaafari's right hand man on the topic: "How can they do this?" Mr. Ubady said. "An ambassador telling a sovereign country what to do is unacceptable."

Yep..its totally unacceptable. Its so fucked up, its ridiculous to even consider..but the Shrub has done it. His minion,Ambassador Khalilzad, has told the Iraqi leaders what the Shrub wants..and we all know...the Shrub gets what he matter what it takes or how many people have to die..or how illegal it is..he gets what he wants.

When will this madness end? Its up to us this November to stop it. We can not end the Shrub's regime but we surely can put an end to the support he enjoys in both houses. Those lemmings need to be removed from office.

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