Mar 27, 2006

The Shrub's stand on immigration really chafes my ass.

I guess he doesn't mind the idea of spending 5 bucks for a head of lettuce. Or having the cost of eating a meal increase because people born in this country just don't want to wash dishes in the kitchen or serve your hamburger through the local fast food window. The Shrub wants to institute a "guest worker" program. Sure thing George, let them come over for the menial jobs that lack healthcare and sometimes basic safety protection. Let them pay into the unemployement pool, and social security. Just don't let them enjoy any of the perks, like living here and bettering themselves and their families.

If we want to stem the illegal immigration tide..we need to stop it at the source, the border. I do not have a problem with building our own version of the great wall of china. Or, whatever it takes to keep out the illegals.

Once they are here and have become tax paying citizens, I think they should be able to apply for citizenship. I am sick of people bitching about how they overload the healthcare system and the school districts. They pay taxes each week when they get a paycheck. Our healthcare system is overloaded not only because of the illegals but because healthcare is something more and more American's can't afford or their job just doesn't offer it. The San Joaquin Valley has deaths each year from farm workers being exposed to pesticides. If it was white folks dying in those fields, you can bet your sweet ass it would be monitored and possibly criminal charges against the offending companies. The companies..and btw..all farms are companies, no mom and pops.. know those workers are being exposed but they don't care, they value the almightly dollar over human life. Workers pick our food in temperatures that exceed 100 degrees every single day for months during the the summer here. It's a downright shitty job. I don't know a single soul that would do it for a living. I did it for a summer. I know what its like. The living conditions are archaic and disgusting in many cases.

But the Shrub and his followers want to let them come over and work..then go home. He wants to continue the tradition of making money off the backs of illegals but not offering them anything in return. He wants them to be invisible. He wants them to work hard and for next to nothing AND not be seen or heard.

To me that shows a lack of compassion and its wrong. Maybe I am just pissed off because I am half mexican and at some point in time my relatives came over via the Rio Grande. I don't care why I feel the way I do. I just know that most illegals are not trouble makers and work hard, go to church and are proud of being able to live here. Americans don't appreciate the risk they took to look for a better life because Americans have no clue what its like to live in a country that is sub-standard even by the most basic of measurements. Illegals do the jobs none of us would do on our worst day, but they are necessary jobs to maintain our comfortable lives and needs.

OH..I didn't put a comments section up because I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks on this was my rant, my editorial. If you support the new immigration bullshit..go post on your own blog about it. I am not being mean, I just don't care what anyone else thinks on this subject...its not up for discussion over here, its too personal for me to discuss eloquently or unbiased.

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