Mar 16, 2006

Can I borrow 781 Billion bucks?

NO? Why not? The Shrub needs that much..The statutory debt limit has now risen by more than $3 trillion since Bush took office.

He needs it just to keep our country afloat and not default on our debt.This quote from a WAPO article out this morning:"The government bumped up against its $8.18 trillion statutory debt ceiling last month, forcing the Treasury to borrow from employee pension funds to keep the government operating."

Did you notice where they got the funds from? Thats never a sound business practice. San Diego did much the same thing and they are in a shitload of trouble over it.

Lets look at the breakdown of where some of its going.
1. $4.1 billion was provided in nonmilitary foreign aid, more than half of it for diplomatic and local governance programs in Iraq.
2. $68 billion, would pay for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The legislation would push total war costs since Sept. 11, 2001, to nearly $400 billion. Before the Iraq invasion in 2003, administration officials predicted that costs related to the war would total less than $100 billion.(Jesus, talk about cost overruns)
3. $19 billion for Katrina victims..which pales in comparison to the war "effort" package.

We have left the monetary world of billions..we are now into long till we get to the z's as in zillions.

Sickening ain't it?

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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