Mar 13, 2006

Feingold leads..will the Dems follow?

Russ Feingold today introduced a resolution to censure the Shrub regarding his spying on American citizens within our borders.This of course is now a mute point since they changed the law recently to make it easier for the Shrub and his playmates to spy on we,the people. But I do tip my hat to Russ. He is a lone voice on the Senate floor taking the Shrub to task time and time again.

An excerpt of his speech on the floor:
"As we move forward, Congress will need to consider a range of possible actions, including investigations, independent commissions, legislation, or even impeachment. But, at a minimum, Congress should censure a president who has so plainly broken the law."
"This President exploited the climate of anxiety after September 11, 2001, both to push for overly intrusive powers in the Patriot Act, and to take us into a war in Iraq that has been a tragic diversion from the critical fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates. In both of those instances, however, Congress gave its approval to the President’s actions, however mistaken that approval may have been."

Now my thoughts:
Osama is still out there. The Shrub is no closer to finding him today than he was on 9-11. But the Shrub has more power now than any sitting President has held in our history. Where the fuck is he President Bush? We(congress and the senate) have given you everything you have asked for..and changed the laws to cover those things taken illegally by you and your power hungry playmates. You still don't have Osama. Iraq is worse off today than it has ever been in its history.

Our national debt is out of control. The Halliburtons of the world are making money hand over fist off this war. The Oil companies posted record profits under the Shrub. The EPA has systematically removed protections for our air,water and wildlife so the large corporations that filled your coffers can get richer and fatter without worrying about some silly rules and regulations designed to protect us and our children's future on this planet.

Soon, Iraq will dissolve into a civil war that can only be described as mafia-like in nature. Sadaam is gone but we have set the stage for someone just as evil and blood-thirsty to take control of this oil-rich nation.

The majority of the world views our nation as a bully that does as it pleases and threatens those that don't go along with our grand plan for the world at large.

What have you done to make our lives better? What is better for us now than pre-9/11?

Tell me something positive George..I dare you to find something positive out of your administration of horror.

Raw story has the full text of the Feingold speech here.

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