Mar 15, 2006

Joint Chief Commander contradicts the Shrub and Rummy

When asked today at a PENTAGON news conference if he has proof that the Iranians are sending people and bomb-making equipment into Iraq Marine Corp Gen. Peter Pace said NO. This was in response to a question asked because the Shrub and Rummy are now making comments that attempt to include Iran in the mix as contributing to the war being waged by the extremists inside of Iraq.

Pace is our top Military Official. Rummy was with him and tried like hell to put his usual "positive" spin on it..the link to the WAPO article regarding the press conference is here.

In other news..memos leaked in England show that their top military officials expressed doubts in America's handling of post-war Iraq in 2003. shit? What was their first clue?

The link to the British memo article is here.

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