Mar 21, 2006

I am nothing if not long-winded.

I posted this as a comment on a rightwing blog entitled "The Aurora". Its not bad as far as rightwing blogs go, some are better, many are far worse..They had a post up about the reasons for going into Iraq..they offered "proof" on the points the Shrub used to drag us into a war. I no longer care WHY we went..its a mute point unless someone finds an impeachable offense..which I personally believe exist. I just poured alot of my feelings into my comment and it as a post for MY own here ya go.

Look..I am sick of arguing about why we went into Iraq..we are there..If a group can pull enough info together to impeach the Shrub over it..more power to em..I am moving on. I only have so much time and energy to devote to politics and I feel its wasted on fighting about the why we went in there.

If you expect an apology from anyone your not going to get it. The Shrub has done what during his administration? Started a war, removed the teeth from the EPA and put our ass's so far in debt our childrens children will be paying it off for decades to come..unless of course they cut the living shit out of programs designed to help those that can not help themselves..i.e., medicare,welfare and social security...the big three. Or they raise taxes..which of these two options is less likely to hurt the repubes in an election year??? That is how they will figure it out and attempt to fix our fiscal irresponsiblity which is so disgusting even you repube lovers have to admit least i think you do..I dont know anymore.

Nothing is black and white..nothing. Its not democraps against the repubes anymore..its people worried about mortgaging our ass to the hilt for this war...a war we were told was won almost three years ago. The Shrub's administration seriously underestimated what it took to set an Iraqi government up and put them in power. The Iraqi's have held ONE session of their government..and it didn't last an hour I believe.

The Democraps are hoping that Fitz will deliver us from evil..aka indict many of those currently in power..its going to take at least a year or more for that to happen, if ever..meanwhile..we have another election on the horizon.

I am simply tired of the Shrubs brand of administering to our needs. He doesn't give a rat's ass about anything but corporate america...if you don't believe be it..he doesn't have a religious bone in his body..and he panders to the religious zealots as his political base, which I find very disgusting. Lots of people believe in god..lots of them also don't listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News.

Middle America is disappearing as we type..its becoming a nation of have and have nots. Jobs are going outside the US at a faster rate than any time in our history. Global warming is a real threat and anyone that says different is friggin nuts and has their head in the sand. I know too many intelligent, educated individuals looking for work because their jobs have been taken by folks in India for one example.

I want a compassionate administration..thats all i want..I want people in power that listen to others and not just themselves. I want my son to be able to breathe 20 years from now without the help of a respirator. I want the ground water which WE ALL depend be pure and free of toxins. I want the rest of the globe to respect us as they once did as a leader of the free world.

The cold war ended many moons ago..the Shrub has single-handidly started it all up again. This can not be a good any stretch of the imagination.

I want a President that doesn't sound like a complete idiot when he opens his mouth and speaks without the aid of a written speech. He needs to make sense and not talk to people like their IQ is on the same level of a six year old.

I am just tired..sick and tired of worrying..and the Shrub does nothing to make me feel warm and fuzzy, not to mention feel safe and or in my future. Not about terrorism, healthcare, social security, the environment, and god knows what else I have forgotten to name. I want to know what he has done that is positive..I want someone that supports him to tell me what he has done that is a good, positive action..for me, the US and the rest of the earth as a whole.

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