Mar 10, 2006

If you can't stand the heat..move the prisoners.

Seems the Shrub is tired off all the bad press Abu Ghraib has gotten the past three years, so he is closing up shop and moving all the prisoners in a last-ditch effort to deflect all the eyeballs focused on our "torture and humiliation" practices. Kinda reminds me of the snakeoil salesman that moves from town to town, staying just long enough to make some money until the residents get wise to his scheme and a lynchmob starts forming.

Lets explore the snake oil salesman persona in the guise of the Shrub. Its a good analogy sportsfans...the snake oil seller has a product of questionable use (insert the Iraq war here). He stands on his soapbox and touts the values of his product, bringing testimonials out from behind the curtain to tell us how great the oil is and how it helped cure whatever the hell ailed them (insert Rummy, Condi, Tricky Dick and all the rest of the Shrubs minions here). The snakeoil salesman then starts his pitch..telling the gathering of innocents that the cost is worth every red cent you pay when you get what you want, relief of what ails you(insert whatever bullshit the Shrub fed us about why we went into Iraq).

So the innocents line up to buy the product. Everyone is excited that all their ailments will be cured very soon(insert terrorism and Al Queda). But they aren't cured. The people start getting a tad pissed, banging on the snakeoil salesman's door, demanding a refund. He tells them they aren't using enough of the product and manages to get them to spend more money by promising it will work in a week or so, give it time(insert the billions and billions the government keeps spending on the war and the years we have spent there to date).

Finally, the citizens get together and discuss the snakeoil. They find that it has helped NO ONE. But they all spent a shit-load of cash on it. What do they do? They start talking about what they want to do to this salesman. The crowd starts getting hostile. Someone runs over to the snakeoil salesman's place and warns him of the impending lynch mob heading his way.

He packs a bag and gets the hell out of Gharib.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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