Apr 22, 2006

California's prison system is coming apart at the seams.

The forecast is not partly-cloudy with a chance of rain.. The forecast is a full blown shit-storm on the horizon.

Cali is already housing inmates in gyms and hallways of most of the prisons..seriously...they are sportsfans. When you cram that many individuals into small cramped spaces, the violence increases dramatically. They have proven it w/rats in various studies on over-crowding. A quote from the Times article: "Already, they say, most of the state's 33 prisons are at twice their intended capacity, jammed with about 170,000 people — enough to fill the Rose Bowl more than two times over." Since the violence will increase, and we already know they don't have enough staff to handle basic confrontations, this means many inmates are being injured and most likely some killed..we just don't hear about it. Bet me..fucking bet me on this fact will ya? Any takers? I didn't think so...

Back to the "forecast". The Hell-A Times has a story today about the condition and future conditions within our Cali Penal Colonies...might as well call them cities..there are enough inmates at most facilities to qualify as small cities. The 2nd top official in the State Prison system left this week. Ahnold named a replacement who gave us all a speech about his priorities. He did say all hell is gonna break loose if they don't cure the over-crowding soon..no shit sherlock.

Ahnold attempted to push through his version of fixing this problem..building more prisons. The Democraps have also attempted to band-aid this problem but everyone is afraid of looking "soft" on crime. No one wants to look like a softie on crime.

What will they look like when a prison comes apart and goes into a full blown meltdown as happened in an LA County prison last year? Ah..then the finger pointing will start. Its a good article in the Times. The bottom line is...as long as the criminals are locked up and the Supreme Court doesn't get involved..who cares what happens to those guys behind bars? Stick em in tents..they do it in AZ. Its a dirty little secret that will get real ugly when that storm blows in..and its going to. You know it is...the only question is: when?

Edit: And I put a response to the fucktard that commented on this post..although I removed his horseshit because the moron couldn't even read the article before commenting. Its sad when stupidity rears its ugly head in so obvious a fashion.

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