Apr 23, 2006

Trent Lott is a two-faced sumbitch on the pork issue.

Seems Mr.Lott can talk out of both sides of his mouth with regards to pork, also known as "earmarking". He recently sided with the anti-porkers, stating he supported regulations designed to keep fat,special interest amendments from being attached to important spending bills. Of course the bill that was actually passed to curb pork barrel spending was weak at best, but ol' Trent was bandstanding for it all the way, taking the floor to speak against all the special interest attachements made to important funding bills.

Then the sumbitch goes and pulls this...

He has attached a "$700 million earmark to relocate a Gulf Coast rail line, which was just rebuilt, post-Katrina, at a cost of $250 million." His pig-fat is attached to a bill that was written to fund the war effort and Katrina rebuilding. I am not a fan of the war effort by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I do not beleive in shorting the soldiers of anything they need to protect themselves and the civilians in Iraq.

Some folks are calling it a rail line to the slot machines. Trent gets a little pissed at this assessment. I say Trent is a lying sack of sheep shit that would toss his mother under the bus if he thought it would make his "rich" constituents happy. His "add-on" will take over first place in the highest cost porkchop contest. God Bless you Trent, may he smite you with a huge flash of lightening right between your beady little eyes you lying bastard.

The NY Times article with all the particulars is here.

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