Apr 8, 2006

Is the Grand Old Party falling on its sword?

Are the few Repubes that aren't kissing the religious right's ass tired of catering to the Limbaugh nutjobs? I mean really, you can only wave the flag so many times while screaming God loves us more than you, before you alienate everyone else in the country.

San Diego has an election this coming week to fill the seat of jailbait Randy Duke Cunningham. Seems the whole world, or at least the whole political world is watching to see if Francine Busby can beat out the 14..count em folks..14 Repube candidates currently vying for the remainder of Cunninghams time in office.

Ms.Busby is giving them a run for their money. I personally am calling voters in her district and without a doubt the ones that will discuss the election are coming out for her. I was happy although not really in the mood to discuss the crisis in our administration with the folks that I reached. The people became very animated, wanting to rant about what they are tired of, what they want to happen and who they want out of office. I have been involved in elections before, but I have never heard so many people, NORMAL people, tired of the religious right running our country. I really think the repubes are going to have a hard time holding on to their seats if they espouse the religious rights bullshit rhetoric that we have been hearing for the last five years. To mainstream American's, it's not about God, its about life and living it comfortably, and free of fear and innuendo about going to hell if you don't tow that religious line. Most americans want less government, not more. They don't want government in their bedroom, in their doctors' office, in their workplace, and in their kids softball league. They don't want our government to bankrupt our country in the name of GOD and Oil. I think mainstream america is tired of having GOD thrown at them and then seeing those "GOD-fearing" politicians get charged with a felony for lying, stealing or generally cheating us all out of something. Its real hard for the average amercian to drink a cup of coffee in the morning without spitting it all over their newspaper when they read how Tom DeLay has prayed about what he is going to do next and that Jack Abramoff is a very religious person even if he did screw Indian tribes out of millions of dollars to line his and his cronies pockets.

You can't keep tossing GOD out there and get busted for being a lying, cheating sack of shit that took bribes from a defense contractor. People will eventually catch on to the fact that you are full of shit and only out to take care of yourself and your buddies. You can't say GOD wants us to free Iraq and put our nation so far into debt its going to take decades to undo it. You cant say GOD was appalled by Clinton's tryst with Monica and then expect people to understand why you name-dropped Valerie Plame to a reporter knowing it was against the law and common sense to "out" a secret agent.

Common sense..its something the GOD squad in our administration is lacking..but hopefully the citizens of our country aren't. They see the snakeoil salesmen for what they are..opportunists selling us a bill of goods that does nothing but line their own pockets at our expense. Any Repube that wants to get elected or re-elected better distance themself from the God squad. The every day folks are getting tired of their rhetoric.

As John Kerry so eloquently put it whilst talking about the bible and our current crop of elected officials:"I will tell you, nowhere in there,nowhere,not one page,not one phrase uttered and reported by the Lord Jesus Christ,can you find anything that suggests that there is a virtue in cutting children from Medicaid and taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich"

Edit: Just so you yahoo's know..I pray daily,sometimes hourly depending on the horseshit tossed my way, I believe in god..and I think she is really pissed off at all the bullshit that passes as religious rhetoric on this side of the fucking pond.

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