May 15, 2006

Dear Mr. President: Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush

I have read the leader of Iran's letter several times. I find it a little flaky and full of religious references through the entire letter. First, if you my dear reader, haven't read it, you can do so here. It is an actual copy of the letter in pdf format, albeit a translation of the original I presume. He wrote extensively about Israel, and how and why the state of Israel was created in the midst of Palestinian lands. He rants about why some of the events leading up to and including the attacks on 9-11 are still kept secret. He has nothing but questions, and very little of the correspondence actually deals with the issue of uranium in Iran. Its more of a "pointing finger" at our country with regard to how the Shrub does business. Its largely a philosophical paper in my view, but he did make the following points:

He questions how the Shrub can talk about WMD's as a reason to occupy Iraq but none were ever found. He even calls Sadaam a "murderous dictator" and wonders how we could of supported him for years knowing what a sack of sheep shit he was. Personally, I have always wondered this too.

He questions the prisoners at Gitmo not having legal representation and the fact that the Shrub refuses to allow the International Red Cross to visit these prisoners. This fact really bothers me also. Does the Shrub have something to hide? The federal government has the nads to bitch about prisoner abuse in other nations, yet the Shrub won't allow the International Red Cross to visit these prisoners? Talk about a double standard..

Thats it sportsfans..oh..its also 18 pages long. Brevity isn't Ahmadinejad's strong suit is it?

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