May 14, 2006

Mothers..we are a compassionate bunch.

I am taking the rest of the day off from the blogosphere, I will revel in being the mother of a child that has finally pulled his head out of his self-serving ass and become a decent,contributing member of our society.
So, I will point you to my mothers day post made earlier this morning, the one on my fluff blog. Then there is the one I will cut and paste below. Its was a comment in response to a post by that grand old sage, the Omnipotentpoobah over on Bring it On, a forum we both contribute on.

When did we(the universal we) lose our compassion for those less fortunate? Losing that one aspect of our persona affects everything we do. It affects how we view and deal with our neighbors, how we answer a call for help from countries that we have nothing in common with but breathing the polluted air swirling this planet. When did it become ok to ignore the plight of starving nations while we attack other nations, all the while screaming to the world that we are the protector of everything good.Some ideologies have always conflicted with compassion, and when they become the prevailing line of thought and actions, we lose a part of our soul.

The prevailing ideology now is one such example. It is a greedy, self-centered belief that we are going to get what we can first and formost,for ourselves. We put our self-centered,often times mean-spirited needs above those less fortunate. We have become the bully that everyone fears and no one likes. We justify our actions in the name of good,when in reality its neither good or noble.

But someone has to take the bully to task, someone has to stand up to the bully. When Nixon and J.Edgar had a grand plan for America people slowly started to gather together and stand up to the bullies. It starts out small, their voices barely heard over the din of the bullies posturing and bragging. It snowballs as we gather strength in numbers. Everyone’s soul still has compassion, some just buried it deep inside themselves.

We must remain ever-diligent in our holy war against the bullies. We have something they buried long ago. We still have our soul,our compassion. Thats what drives us when we are tired and sad and overwhelmed. It will give us strength. The bully’s strength is derived from their size and greed. Greed is not self-sustaining, if anything it is self-defeating.

We can do it again. I have faith in our compassion coming to the surface again. My faith in human nature gives me strength when I am tired of fighting the good fight against the bully that is our government of greed and chest-thumping self-righteousness.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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