May 23, 2006

Fox News is jousting at Al Gore..are they scared?

Those lovely folks over at Faux News are working overtime in a vain attempt to discredit Al Gore and his new movie An Inconvienent Truth. I just want to lay out some facts about Al that I have researched in the last six months:

Gore puts his money where his mouth is. He started an investment firm over two years ago that invests in nothing but eco-friendly companies. He teamed up with David Blood, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The name of the investment firm is Generataion Investment Management. The firm began investing client money in April 2005 (it now manages around $200 million in assets), and Gore, while declining to give specific figures, says the returns thus far have been "really gratifying, I mean really exciting." Initial investments include companies involved in photovoltaics, wind turbines, wave energy, and solar power. The firm put money into BP, betting on its new power plant in Scotland that injects carbon emissions back into the ground. It's the kind of technology Generation sees as having a competitive advantage in a carbon-constrained economy. The idea is to draw capital away from the fossil-fueled economy and direct it toward new and profitable centers of the sustainable economy. His goal is two make money for his investors and show the world that it pays to invest in these types of companies.

Gore has been talking about Global Warming for over 25 years. He downplayed it during his campaigns at the behest of his handlers..was that stupid? perhaps..hindsight is always 20-20. After the election, he started his lectures regarding Global Warming again. He has done these lectures since he was a junior congressman in the late '70s. financed his post election tour. His slideshow was old hat Tipper told him. He needed to upgrade to a PowerPoint presentatiion...afterall, she reminded him.."You invented the internet".

Al has put a Think Tank of sorts together with regards to Global Warming called Alliance for Climate Protection. Its a NON-PARTISAN group, drawing from both parties. Here is a short list of people who have signed on as part of the brain trust and leadership roles: Brent Scowcroft, national-security adviser to presidents George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford; Carol Browner, head of the U.S. EPA under Bill Clinton, Lee Thomas, EPA chief under Ronald Reagan, and Teddy Roosevelt IV, venture capitalist and great-grandson of his namesake, the GOP president. Scowcroft,Thomas, and Roosevelt are all Republicans. There is only ONE "tree-hugger" on the board, Larry Schweiger, president of the National Wildlife Federation. Al doesn't hold a position on the board or give input as to what the alliance does, he doesn't want to give credence to those that say he has his own agenda with Alliance for Climate Protection.

The asshats over at Faux are scared to death Al is going to run. There is no recent mud to sling about Al, so they attack his movie and his motivation for doing it. Al was approached to do the movie which is based on his lecture, not the other way around. They had to beg and cajole him into doing it. Faux news needs to see Alex Trebek and buy a friggin clue. The only agenda Al Gore has now and has had is to educate the world on the imminent dangers of Global Warming. I personally hope he runs for Prez..we need him now more than we did last time..we are in much more trouble this time around.

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