May 21, 2006

Is the religious left going to stand up and be heard?

“When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag,
carrying a cross.”--Sinclair Lewis

According to WaPo it is. The article is here. It might come as a surprise to some, not me...that not all people that worship God are in cahoots with Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Bill Frist. It seems those folks who hold poverty, global warming and affordable health care as important issues for all are rising up and screaming back at the folks I named above and their followers. There is a quote I liked from the WaPo article I wish to share with you, my dear reader:

"Evangelical Christians are not all white people living in the suburbs and only concerned with abortion and same-sex marriage."

But they are the ones getting the most airtime,print space, webspace and god knows what else. I have always figured that the religious right is basically just a loud albeit small bunch of nutjobs with blinders on. They reminded me of that fly you just can't seem to swat and it keeps buzzing around your ears,driving you slowly insane until you get up and either move indoors or find something with which to smash it into smithereens.

Not that I am advocating smashing the religious right to smithereens. I think we should pray for their souls, because at the rate they are going...hell is going to be their final resting place.

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