May 22, 2006

Mark Klein is sharing with us what he has on AT&T

Wired, the online Magazine,has a good article up on their site here. Its the goods that Mark Klein has on AT&T regarding their co-operation with the Fed's on the NSA's spy program on americans. EFF has filed a class action lawsuit against the once Ma Bell, now just Big Bell AT&T.

Mr. Klein is a former AT&T tech and now the star witness against his former employer. The Wired article has Mr.Kleins entire public statement regarding what he knows AND copies of company manuals that ANYONE can download showing how AT&T installed the spyware on thier systems to get the info the NSA was looking for.

I hope AT&T takes it deep and hard in EFF's lawsuit. As a customer of AT&T I wrote them an email last week regarding this bullshit. Their response I posted here,basicially says they didn't do anything outside the law..pardon me whilst I toss my cookies..The title of Wired's article: Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut.

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