May 31, 2006

Why didn't the Decider-in-Chief know about Haditha?

And why are they so afraid to tell us what is going on? I know, the bad guys ..we can't tell the bad guys..

The list of "bad guys" is getting larger according to the Shrub and his administration.

How is he going to spin our "bad guys" to the world? And why didn't he know about Haditha prior to a reporter asking him about it? Is he the proverbial mushroom? As I posted here, the story about Haditha has been out there since Time's piece, with video on March 19th 2006.

I do not consider the Marines under investigation to be bad guys..I think they are men that cracked under the pressure of a war where the enemy is illusive and hard to identify. I think they are men that in their THIRD tour of combat in Iraq,finally came unglued about the horror's they witnessed and the fear they felt every time they looked in the eyes of an Iraqi citizen.

But..and its a big but.. the rest of the world will view them as such. And there is no spin the Shrub can put on this horrible,disgusting killing of innocents that will pass muster with the world's court of public opinion. The filing of false reports, the confiscated pictures of the murdered women and children, how high did the cover-up go, who knew and when..these are all questions that will be asked..and they should be.

I want to know why the Decider didn't know..things just get stranger by the day in DC.

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