Jun 1, 2006

Alberto is pushing the 1st Amendment envelope

According to Mark Corallo he is. Mark,you may remember, is the spokesman for Krazy Karl. Corallo's PR firm represents Rove and has been getting alot of face time lately, but I digress. Corallo is also the former spokesman for John Ashcroft when he was the Atty. General under the Decider-in-chief. Both Corallo and Ashcroft resigned in 2005. According to a NYT article Corallo has been quoted as saying this about the recent subpoena's against the writers of "Game of Shadows" regarding who leaked the Grand Jury testimony:

"This is the most reckless abuse of power I have seen in years," Mr. Corallo said in an interview. "They really should be ashamed of themselves."

Thats an understatement if I ever saw one. But when you consider the quote came from a dyed in the wool Repube, it carrys some major weight behind it. Mr. Corallo's statement was submitted with the reporters' motion to quash the subpoena. Regarding Gonzalez's recent witch hunt against reporters, Corallo also said the following according to the NYT article: "(This) is starting to look like a policy shift, a policy shift for the worse."

The article also quotes a First Amendment law specialist Mark Feldstein, director of the journalism program at George Washington University: "This illustrates in an unmistakable fashion,that the Gonzales Justice Department has moved so far away from the mainstream of established legal opinion and case law when it comes to press freedom that even judicial conservatives are disturbed by it."

Corallo makes the point that during his tenure at the Justice Department, only ONE supoena request regarding a reporters sources was approved. It was in regards to National Security. He also stated that numerous requests for reporters sources were denied.Mr. Corallos final statement on the subject is this: "It has to be a matter of grave national security or impending physical harm to innocent people," he said, "not just, well, this is the only way we're going to be able to get this information."

And no way in HELL is a Grand Jury session investigating Steroid use in Major League Baseball a matter of grave national security or impending physical harm to innocent people. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination sportsfans. But my hunch is this:

Alberto is testing the waters. He is using this as a litmus test to see what his disgusting ass can get away with. If it works on something so innane as drug use in baseball, he will be able to pull this shit anytime he wants to..and we should be afraid..very afraid..of another piece of the First Amendment disappearing thanks to our boyz in the Bush administration.

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