Jun 22, 2006

The Iraq Embassy Memo..read some truth out of Iraq

Here is the LINK to the pdf version ..of the mother of all memos. It's 6 pages long and I read it all. It will sicken you..it will make you mad about the lack of truth coming out of the MSM and our current administration. It tells the following things about Baghdad:

Power is still off more than its on, in some places they get two or three hours of power in 24..thats it!. The temps are OVER 110 there sportsfans! If you live near a hospital or government building you will get it almost 24 hours. Or, if a very important Iraqi lives in your building, suddenly you will have power when you never had it before. Power is being sold on the black market. people are paying $60 a month for 6 hours a day of electricity off the black market.

The Iraqi woman that work for the US Embassy are being harrassed by their neighbors for their mode of dress. They are being threatened for even driving a car. They have to hide their employer from their neighbors in fear of reprisals..meaning someone will kill them. These are women of Shia,Kurd and Sunni religions. They also live in the upper-class neighborhoods. I can't imagine what its like in the poor parts of Bagdad..can you?

The various Iraqi-controlled Ministries such as the Ministry of Transportation are demanding that women wear the total,complete clothing package..including the headdress and face coverings. Women tell of taxi's that will not pick them up unless they are dressed in the traditional religious clothing,including the headcover. Women are not even allowed to talk on cell phones....WTF?

The Iraqi Security Forces have suddenly become militia-like and actually taunt the Iraqi-native employees by yelling out that they are employed by the US when they attempt to enter or leave the "the Green Zone". This type of information is a "death sentence" if heard by the wrong people, and the security forces know this.

Every single Iraqi-born employee fears for their life. America is hated so much that they will be killed on sight if it is known they work for the Embassy.. They say the strain of hiding their employement is getting to them...

This one memo told me more about Iraq than watching a year's worth of the Mainstream Media. That is so FUCKED UP.
Edit: The Iraqi government has declared a state of emergency in Baghdad this morning and imposed a curfew. The insurgents set up roadblocks inside Baghdad city limits and were fighting in the open with US troops. Its going to hell in a handbasket folks..zero to 60 in the blink of an eye.


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