Jun 24, 2006

Schwarzenegger just says NO

Schwarzenegger's minion's told the Shrub sorry but no regarding an additional 1500 National Guard troops wanted to patrol the border in AZ and NM. Seems we already gave them 1000 as per an agreement struck three weeks ago. The Fed's immediately took the position that Ahnold's decision not to play along would impact the Shrub's plans to fortify our borders.

Damn, he's got a plan..no shit? For reals?

When asked why the Fed's needed more troops than they had "planned" for..the Shrub's spokesman referred the question to the DC office of the National Guard. Why does this non-answer not surprise me?

The fact that Ahnold rented a set of nads and stood up to the Shrub filled me with hope..then I got a firm grip on reality and realized..

Its an election year for Arnie and his numbers are..how do you say...sucking wind..in the latino camp.The LA Times has an article up about this little skirmish between the Fed's and Cali's governator. They state that Arnie's percentage numbers have fallen 7% in latino support from the time he was elected until now. I smell an attempt to gain mexican votes here..don't you? Could Rover's braintrust be part of this decision?

According to Bob Mullholland an advisor to Democratic candidate Phil Angelides,and I quote from the Times article here: "This so-called request [from the White House] was a phony political request to try to give Schwarzenegger political cover: 'Look it. I'm standing up to Bush.' But last week Schwarzenegger was a French poodle in Bush's lap — authorizing 1,000 stressed-out, overextended National Guard members to spend weeks and months at the border, even though many of them have done two tours in Iraq."

This does sound far more plausible to me than the renting a pair of nuts theory in retrospect..how about you, my dear reader?

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