Jun 25, 2006

Iraq occupation is going just fine and according to plan..right?

The answer is wrong. Its going o so very wrong over there. The only safe area has been the "green zone" and that is now unsecure as well. An LA Times article estimates the number of Iraq citizens dead as...

OVER 50,000

And that, sportsfans is considered a low-balled number. The LAT states this number was culled from various sources in Iraq including the Baghdad morgue and the Iraqi Health Ministry. The number is low-balled because of the fact that no Iraqi government existed during the beginning of the occupation and therefore record keeping of such statistics was sporadic at best. This number also does not include Iraqi deaths in the Kurdistan region. They refuse to provide death counts to the current Iraqi government. If you wish to read more please hit the link in the first paragraph. My stomach will not let me provide anymore information.

As for being safe in Iraq..no one is anymore..if they ever were. The NY Times published an article today that documents the life of the upper-class residents in Baghdad's Mansour section. This is a very upscale area, that hasn't seen too much violence..until recently. Its located 3 miles outside the Green Zone. It's also a religiously mixed area which has co-existed well within itself inspite of the diversity of Kurds, Sunni's and Shia's within its city limits. Read the NYT article if you want to see what it would be like here to suddenly be tossed into the middle of a warzone, or to suddenly have groups of thugs demanding money for protection of your business and if you do not comply..they merely bomb your business...and no one does anything about it. If the rich of Baghdad are now feeling the heat of the occupation, you know its going to hell in the proverbial handbasket. The comfortable folks are now very uncomfortable...and afraid. Huge sections of Baghdad are in a state of anarchy. With the insurgents setting up roadblocks and no one stops them. Bodies can not be picked up for fear of snipers killing the people attempting to retrieve their friends and loved ones. Garbage is no longer being picked up.

And if your one of THOSE, that think this is all put upon us by a liberal-biased media..think again. You have only to read the memo from our governments Iraq Embassy to understand the fear and hatred that is rampant in Iraq.

So whats the plan Decider-Man? How is this the final throes of the insurgency? Try talking to us about this, not about illegal immigration, gay marriage and all the other horseshit issues brought to the forefront to deflect what is really happening over in Iraq and the billions of dollars spent there that are draining our country financially. Try telling us the truth..and what you plan to do about it.

I know..the terrorists will then know our plans..we can't have that now, can we? You had over three years to look for Bin Laden using all that data you have mined illegally and yet..you never found him. Telling your secrets publicly isn't why we can't find him. Its putting chickenhawks in positions of authority who haven't a fucking clue what to do or how to do it. You made this war you sumbitch..you need to bring an end to it. Whats the plan pal? If you have one, you better get your ass in gear and insitute it..or our people will be boarding helicopters in the Embassy compound ala Vietnam..running with our tail tucked between our legs. And leaving the Iraqi's to fend for themselves..again ala Vietnam. GET A FUCKING PLAN YOU MORONS..FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND HUMANITY.

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