Jun 24, 2006

Iraqi PM has a plan..unlike the Shrub

According to this article up on MSNBC today, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who will unveil it Sunday, has figured out what he wants to take back his country and their right to self-rule..or perhaps as some fear..self-annilation. MSNBC claims to have a copy of this plan but will not provide it publicly. A key parcel of the plan according to the MSNBC article is reprinted here:

"The plan also calls for a withdrawal timetable for coalition forces from Iraq, but it doesn't specify an actual date—one of the Sunnis' key demands. It calls for "the necessity of agreeing on a timetable under conditions that take into account the formation of Iraqi armed forces so as to guarantee Iraq's security," and asks that a U.N. Security Council decree confirm the timetable. Mahmoud Othman, a National Assembly member who is close to President Talabani, said that no one disagrees with the concept of a broad, conditions-based timetable. The problem is specifying a date, which the United States has rejected as playing into the insurgents' hands. But Othman didn't rule out that reconciliation negotiations called for in the plan might well lead to setting a date. "That will be a problem between the Iraqi government and the other side [the insurgents], and we will see how it goes. It's not very clear yet."

Look, if THEY want us out. we need to GET OUT..I mean, for the love of pete..we are not welcome there any more and by all accounts our prescence is making it worse. Bush isn't going to like this ultimatum from Maliki..and frankly I wonder how far it will go without the Shrub's approval..but I hope it sends a loud and very clear message..its time to leave America..you wore out your welcome. If Maliki wants to give it a shot at fixing the bullshit we started..give it to him..afterall, its his fucking country..not ours.

Thanks to TruthOut for posting this article and link on their website.

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