Jul 27, 2006

2 Johns and the Shrub=The 3 stooges?

The three stooges.. are in the news. By stooges I mean, Bolton, Negroponte and of course the Decider-in-Chief.

Negroponte got a real crummy report card from the House Select Intelligence Committee Thursday. This shouldn't be news considering he hasn't done shit and terrorists are still running amok..unless you count the asshats arrested recently in FL. Now, I am not really sure which Stooge represents Johnny Negroponte, you can make that choice, my dear reader, but its not all his fault of course. He has only had two years to figure this shit out and get on the ball...right? Plus, as this WaPo article points out: There are 16 different Intelligence Agencies for Johnny to coordinate.

Only 16? Perhaps we need more to get the job done. This said, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

But I did re-read this part of the report,quoted from the WaPo article: "Today, analysis largely is still clustered around reporting on the same 10 percent of the data,"--WTF?

Yahoo has it's own article up about the same report. They cull this quote about poor Johnny from the report: He "is trying to do a little of everything, which slows down improvements in key areas."--Must be a bitch to not be able to delegate, ya know?

The other John..Bolton was on the hot seat Thursday as members of the Senate foreign relations committee sliced and diced him on his qualifications and character. Now, remember when he was there last, a lone Repube, Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio,sided with the Dem's and forced Bolton's nomination to the floor without a recommendation. But not so much THIS time. Voinovich recently wrote an OpEd piece in WaPo wherein he states Johnny ain't so bad and he is satisfied with his job performance. The Repubes just about shat themselves and called for hearings asap to get Johnny the job legally, unlike the sneaky-assed move the Shrub pulled to get him into the UN Ambassadorship last year during a recess..lol..recess. Does that remind you of anything? Perhaps grade school? Slate has an article up that points out that the major mission of the UN is to uphold international law. One of the Repubes asked Johnny today if he had changed his mind about anything since he has time in over at the UN now. Johnny said nope. The repubes looked a tad uncomfortable at this point, according to the Slate writeup.

What I appreciated is that the Slate article points out a lovely quote by Johnny Bolton about international law: "It's a big mistake for us to grant any validation to international law, even when it may seem in our short-term interests to do so—because, over the long term, the goal of those who think that international law really means anything are those who want to constrain the United States."--God forbid ANYONE should constrain the US of A..right sportsfans?

Well, since Voinovich has caved, the hopes of the world rest on Lincoln Chafee to abandon the Repube family line of rubber-stamping anyone the Asshat-in-Chief wants. Chafee asked the most intelligent questions of the day. He asked Johnny what he thought was the problem in the Middle East. Johnny used that time honored word "terrorism". Chafee asked him to elaborate.After some major prodding, Johnny finally said(and I quote from the Slate article): "What the administration has in mind, he said, is a region where nations stop supporting terrorism, stop importing weapons from China and North Korea, and where Lebanon has security institutions that can function independently of outside influence."--of course Johnny, and I would like a million bucks deposited in my bank account tomorrow. Is that going to happen..hell no..and neither is the bullshit that Bolton spewed. Its a pipe dream of mythic stature.

Now, to rap this up I will give you this final part of the Slate article. Its about the Shrub and the very good possibility of John Bolton getting to keep his cushy, although highly unqualified for, job:

"If Democrats give up the fight against Bolton, it may be because they see he doesn't matter that much. The problems lie with those who make decisions; the problems lie with Bush."

I just want to know who, my dear reader, you think the Shrub is with regard to the 3 Stooges? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on that issue. Or not...lurkers never comment, they just read and digest the info.

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