Jul 28, 2006

Blair and Bush.Separated at Birth?

Of course not, Blair doesn't come from the uterus of Barbara Bush thank god.. But their method of dealing with the middle east does seem intertwined does it not?

Blair was the only asshat to really go balls-out and support the Shrubs occupation of Iraq. Both men agree that democracy needs to be spread to the Middle East, as long as its OUR type of democracy. And they both want to keep Iran a nuke-free zone no matter what it takes to do it.

Both men can wish for the traditional democracy all they want. Its never going to happen in the middle east. Hezbollah has representatives democratically elected to the Lebanese parlement. Palestine democratically put Hamas in as the government of choice. Iran will tell us to kiss their collective ass on nukes and unless the rest of the region chimes in and works hard on an agreement, Iran will enrich their uranium...the rest of the world be damned.

But what should separate Blair and Bush is the Israeli/Hezbollah brutality currently taking place. Blair says he is working "behind the scenes" for a strategy to end the war which is causing so much pain and suffering for the Lebanese people and to some extent, the Israeli people. I say this only because Israel has brought a cannon to a knife fight. A quote from todays Independant article on Blairs visit to the US starting today: "Downing Street has insisted that Mr Blair has privately used influence on the Bush administration over the war in Lebanon, rather than calling publicly for a ceasefire that could not be enforced. The Prime Minister's official spokesman said Mr Blair decided to "roll his sleeves up" and work behind the scenes, rather than act as a commentator on the sidelines."

I call bullshit on this crap right now. The only way to affect the Shrub is to publicly call his dumb ass out. This is exactly what 42 leading figures in politics, diplomacy, academia and the media in Britain called for today by taking out a front page ad in the Independant. A quote from the ad goes like this: "tell the President that Britain "can no longer support the American position on the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in the Middle-East" *snip* "make urgent representations to Israel to end its disproportionate and counter-productive response to Hizbollah's aggression".

Will Blair remain the Shrub's lapdog or take on the role of a bulldog? I am not holding my breath on a morphing by Blair. Both these guys are lameducks and could give a rat's ass what anyone else thinks. But I love the nads those 42 folks in the UK showed by placing the front page ad. God bless ya for standing up for your beliefs. I wish our people in those fields would do the same and rent a set of nads here...but they won't.


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