Jul 1, 2006

Californians beware, the asshats in Congress voted to drill off our coast.

Actually, the bill allows drilling off ALL our coastline. Its greedy and self-serving. Yes, we need to be more self-sufficient when it comes to fossil fuel..I believe the way to accomplish that is to lower our need for it. If we just keep drilling holes in the planet and sucking the black stuff out of the interior of the earth..we solve nothing. We give people a false sense of security..

"lets buy that big SUV Martha, they just found a whole lot more oil out in the ocean! We ain't got no shortage of oil now..lets buy it!"

I am sorry but more drilling isn't the solution. It will just make the oil companies richer. It will do nothing about consuming the earth's resources at an abominable rate. You can bet your sweet ass that this is the work of the oil lobby..I would stake my life on it. Now, if they are going to continue to drill huge holes in the planet and suck out its insides..I say tack on an amendment that forces vehicles to adhere to stricter fuel ecomony standards..hell, get something out of this crummy deal.

Well, lo and behold 40 REPUBLICAN reps tried to do just that according to this article. But of course it was shot down. Anyone surprized by this? Not me...a quote from the article:

"Some 40 Republicans pressed for an amendment raising automobile fuel efficiency standards to 33 miles per gallon by 2016 from 27.5 mpg currently, but party leaders refused to allow a vote.

"It's astonishing that this House would debate opening the entire coast of the United States to oil drilling when we haven't voted on a single significant bill this year to increase conservation," said Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, New York Republican.who added that the bill "pretty much defines 'travesty.'"

They were...gasp..REPUBLICAN folk.. intelligent, god-loving, environmentally conscious repubes folks..guess what?

Their amendment was shot down..surprised?

Not me..




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