Jul 6, 2006

Enough Plagiarism to "flunk any English 1A Student"

Wouldn't it be lover-ly if what took Annie Coulter down was cheating? I mean, really..wouldn't that be poetic justice? According to this article in Editor & Publisher this morning, she might very well go down in flames. Joshua Marshall over at TPMuckraker started this shitstorm..thank you brotha!...by writing to Annie's Syndicate about the report in the NY Post that a plagerism program run on many of her recent columns and her new book showed massive amounts of writing theft by the brownshirts favorite pin-up girl. The folks over at Universal Press Syndicate have requested a copy of a report. A quote from Universal Director of Communications Kathie Kerr in the E&P linked article: "Once we see a copy of the report, we'll be happy to comment on the findings," she added. "We take allegations of plagiarism very seriously." There is a video up on YouTube of Keith Olbermann's interview with the John Barrie,the creator of the program, who ran Annie's rantings through the "Ithenicate" program. You can view it here.

Barrie did say on Olberman that he would not provide Annie's Syndicate with the results unless they signed up for the program. This might be the sticking point on the lastest debacle of Trashcan Ann. Sounds like they are trying to hold them up for money to me. But it is a business, and they are there to make money..The NY Post paid for the entire book to be scanned in order for it to be run through the program. Evidently they would like to bring Trashcan Annie down as much as the rest of us...

Will they shit-can that cash cow known as Annie Coulter for cheating? We can only hope. Stay tuned sportsfans.

Edit; Please go visit The Poetry Man and view his Ode to Annie :)



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