Jul 21, 2006

Federal Judge tells the Shrub to F*ck off on domestic spying suit

Finally a Judge that perhaps the Shrub didn't stick on the bench!!! Can I get an amen brothas and sistas!

The administrations arguement: Allowing the suit to go forward will spill state secrets.

The judge's response: U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker said the warrantless eavesdropping has been so widely reported that there appears to be no danger of spilling secrets.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..eat shit and die Georgie.

The linkage to the article is here.
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Edit: Slate has a very good article up about this whole saga, and how many times the Shrub has used the "state secrets" scenario to quash various whistleblowers since 9/11. The linkage is here.

Correction: Both WaPo and Slate quote a report on state secrets privilege from here. After researching a more indepth post I did over at Bring It On! regarding this subject, I would like to point out that both Slate and WaPo have grossly inaccurate figures on how many times the government has utilized this privilege based on the original report I just linked to in this paragraph. On page 9 of said report, the numbers are higher after 9/11 than prior to all of history up to 1977, but they are no where near the 23-55 ratio quoted in either WaPo or Slate. oops! We here at Leftwingnutjob regret the error...as should WaPo and Slate.

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